Essential Birthday Cake Toppings

Essential Birthday Cake Toppings
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In our books, an amazing birthday cake is more than appropriate for all ages. 

Whether you’re celebrating your great-grandmother’s birthday, or your child’s birthday, a birthday cake is in order. There are oh so many directions one could go with a birthday cake, from rainbow sprinkles to hot chocolate fudge. In this article we’re going to have a look at some of our favorite birthday cake toppings and unbeatable birthday cake ideas. 

Rainbow Sprinkles

If it’s going to be an ice-cream cake, then it’s going to need rainbow sprinkles. Ice cream cake is a hit all year long and shouldn’t just be limited to those of us celebrating birthdays in summer. Rainbow sprinkles is a classic topping that works for all celebrations and all ages. It’s one of the most classic and fun ways to decorate a birthday cake. Plus, it doesn’t take much to make the cake look exciting and enticing! 

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Chocolate Sprinkles

When we want a birthday cake or cake that celebrates chocolate lovers, we think of chocolate sprinkles. Chocolate sprinkles is also a fantastic option for those who want a classy looking cake that’ll go over well with the whole crowd. We love chocolate sprinkles for celebrating anniversaries, dad’s birthday and holidays. 

If you’re on the hunt for competitive and fresh chocolate sprinkles, reach out to CNS Confectionery to discuss our bulk fulfillment and shipping options. 

Chocolate Chip

One can never go wrong with chocolate chips. It pretty much belongs to every desert. Whether you’re celebrating a new job, college graduation, or a birthday, chocolate chips are the way to go. Especially premium chocolate chips. 

CNS Confectionery offers top quality chocolate chips in all shapes and sizes. Whatever cake decoration you had in mind, you’ll be able to pull it off this year! Get in touch to speak to us about our offers. 


When we think weddings and engagement cakes we think coconut. Whether you’re on the lookout for toasted coconut, desiccated coconut, or coconut flakes, we manufacture all sizes and flavors for your cake specialty needs. Coconut toppings are for that high class occasion. If you’re running a business designing and baking high-end cakes, then a high end coconut supplier is what you’ll need. 

Reach out to us to speak to us about all the delicious coconut options we have in stock. 

Butter Cream

When it’s time for the icing we go all in with the butter cream. It’s the buttercream that gets the whole family licking their fingers with delight. If you’re on the lookout for a butter cream recipe that won’t fail, here’s one of our favorites. 

Toppers and Candles 

And last but not least, let’s not forget toppers and candles to take that cake to the next level, literally. Cake toppers add a personal touch to that cake, so that everyone in the room knows who and what you’re celebrating. Plus, who doesn’t love blowing out a large number of birthday candles every year?

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