CNS Confectionery

CNS Confectionery Products is a family-owned business since 1995. My mother, under the guidance of her ambitious mother, created CNS Confectionery Products as a way to create a business out of her passion. We are a family of bakers and chefs, and we know just how important it is to have top-quality ingredients stocked in your kitchen! We are direct importers and processors of premium coconut from the Philippines. We carry a variety of desiccated, sweetened, and toasted coconut.

Our facility also boasts the wonderful fragrance of baking granola. Our ovens are constantly burning to produce the tastiest granolas. We offer a variety of flavors and pack sizes. From 8oz stand up pouches to 30lb bulk cases.

We operate out of our 45,000sqft facility in New jersey. Our current granola baking capacity is 18,000lbs/day. For private label co-packing of stand-up  pouches, current daily capacity is 30,000 units.

 We work closely with distributors for bakeries, restaurants, the foodservice industry, the ice-cream industry, and baked goods manufacturers. We are also in the market to distribute to hotels and schools across the country. Besides our bulk size  we also offer retail ready stand-up pouch packaging on most products. We ship nationwide and all of our products are Kosher certified as well as HACCP approved. Send us a message if you have any questions about our products and services, we'd love to hear from you!

Our Mission

Delivering top quality coconut & topping ingredients to distributors, food service, and the kitchens of professional chefs and bakers across the country.

Since 1995, CNS Confectionery Products has been delivering exceptional coconut products to our wholesale & retail customers. Over our 25 year history, our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer services has remained at the core of everything we do. As direct importers and processors of premium coconut from the Philippines, we are able to make the highest quality products accessible to buyers across the United States. Our Kosher-certified and HACCP approved cake & ice cream toppings are also made available to consumers through our relationships with distributors for bakeries, restaurants, food service industry, ice cream industry, and baked goods manufacturers.


Quality: Focus on the ingredients and make them shine.

Trust: Develop long-lasting relationships with customers and win trust.

Consistency: Maintain consistency in product quality and build reliability.

Our Vision

Better coconut ingredients and cake toppings for all who love to create.

We believe that all chefs and bakers, not just the ones in professional kitchens, should have access to the best ingredients. In our commitment to deliver high quality coconut & toppings, we require that all of our products are Kosher-certified and HACCP approved. With coconut imported directly from the Philippines, our customers can rest easy knowing that they are receiving only the best when they place an order with CNS Confectionery Products.