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Topping Products

What’s a dessert or ice cream without a topping, right? We offer a plethora of popular toppings made fresh, on-site, in our New Jersey factory.

Specialty Products

We have the following products available upon special request.

Organic Coconut Flour (25 lb)

Our high-quality Coconut Flour is the best flour alternative for those allergic to gluten, or simply on a diet and wants to eat healthier baked goods full of fiber and protein. This fine white flour is sourced from the white flesh of the coconut, which is then grounded down into a powder-like substance ready to use. Add generous scoops of coconut flour to your favorite banana bread, birthday cake, and cookie recipes for less guilt and higher pleasure.

Organic Coconut Sugar (50 lb)

Replace your standard white sugar or cane sugar with nutritiously sweet 100% natural coconut sugar. The caramel-like sweet gourmet flavor of coconut sugar enhances your most delicious baked good recipes and can even be added to unique savory recipes for an added kick. Coconut sugar can be stirred into coffee, teas, energetic smoothies, and healthy breakfast bowls. Coconut sugar is a wise substitution for those who are looking after their health or are concerned about diabetes. Choose coconut sugar to live better and live longer.

Organic Coconut Water (250kg drum)

Pure and refreshing coconut water with natural energizing electrolytes. This hydrating drink has been trending on the market for the last 5 years or so and will only continue to rise in popularity because of its regenerative health benefits. Great drink for pre or post-workout, mixed into smoothies, or simply on its own. It’s like drinking water, only better.

Volume Pricing

Volume pricing is available. All you need to do is Contact Us and tell us the products and quantities you’re looking for. Pallets can be arranged with mixed products.