Healthy Breakfast Ingredients for the Entire Family

Healthy Breakfast Ingredients for the Entire Family
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They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and they’re not wrong.


Studies have revealed that eating breakfast is key to living well, and even aids in weight loss. Furthermore, eating the right ingredients in the morning promotes higher levels of concentration and performance throughout the morning, which is both essential for adults and children alike.


So, what are essential ingredients for a successful morning, and therefore a successful day and lifestyle?


Let’s find out!


Never Skip Out on Your Proteins

Protein is an essential macronutrient one needs to consume daily. According to Harvard - School of Public Health, we need around 7 grams of protein for every 20 lb. of body weight daily. This means, someone who weighs around 140 lb, needs to consume about 50 grams of protein each day. The group most protein deprived are actually children, which leads to decreased immunity, growth failure, loss of muscle mass, and can sometimes have far worse consequences.


Now the question is, what foods are rich in protein, and how do you add these ingredients to your family’s breakfast routine?


Great sources of protein include organic yogurts, soy-based yogurts, organic milk, soy milk (soy is a complete protein), eggs, and organic cheese. Other sources of protein include nuts and seeds, whole grains, and many fruits and vegetables (though on a much smaller scale than the ingredients mentioned above).


Pairing peanut butter with whole grain toast makes a complete protein, whole grain cereals with organic milk, and a bowl of sugar-free organic yogurt with coconut (one piece of Coconut contains 1.5 grams of protein), chia seeds, hemp seeds, almonds, walnuts, and honey for a sweetener, can greatly improve you and your family’s health and performance at school and at work.


Fruits and Maybe Even Some Vegetables

It might be hard to imagine adding vegetables to your children’s breakfast when the market has been pushing sugar cereals for the last, what is it, 30 years+? When in truth, replacing processed sugars with natural sugars from fruits will greatly affect your health and your family’s health and concentration. Vegetables on the other hand, will improve digestion and blood flow.


Adding berries, kiwis, apples, papaya, pineapple, and mango to your breakfast bowl or smoothie is a simple, yet incredibly beneficial alternative to coco puffs, fruity pebbles, waffles and pancakes in the morning. Vegetables can make their way into your family’s breakfast, when you serve up an omelet breakfast. Adding fruits and vegetables to your diet will improve digestion, blood circulation (which improves cognition) and heart health. By adding these ingredients to your morning, you are replacing damaging sugars with healthy vitamins, minerals and fibres.


Adding Whole Grains to Your Morning

Whole grains are slower burning carbs which keep you fuller for longer. They also contain important vitamins and minerals. Concentrating on an empty stomach can be as difficult as swimming against a rip tide. Well, maybe not as extreme, but we think you get where we’re going with this. A great way to incorporate whole grains into your morning routine is by eating or serving oatmeal, whole grain toasts, and whole grain cereals.



Eating and serving a healthier breakfast is a great place to start when you want to improve your family’s lifestyle. Eating a healthy breakfast has the power to improve your concentration and performance throughout the day and can encourage healthier life choices and greater achievements throughout the years.

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