Getting Fit and Healthy For Summer

Getting Fit and Healthy For Summer
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Summer is just around the corner and we’ve all got one thing on our minds: fitness. That and the beach, park or poolside. 

As the weather warms up and the sun is consistently shining, we all begin to feel a little more motivated to lead a healthier, more fit life. There are more activities to do outdoors and it’s the perfect excuse to get fit. Here are some of our top suggestions for staying inspired for healthier eating and getting active this summer. 

Outdoor Yoga, Running and Walking

Some of us need that group motivation to feel we're being held accountable for our fitness. Join an outdoor yoga class, or call up some friends to organize a running or walking group for the morning or evenings. This will help you stay inspired and might even help you forget your exercising. Find a sport or activity you enjoy doing and make it an important part of your weekly schedule. 

Cut Out the Sugars and Processed Foods

It’s time to take your diet into your own hands. The best place to start is by really thinking about the foods you eat daily and finding a healthy replacement for those ingredients we need to cut out. Everything seems to have high levels of sugar crammed into their ingredients list. 

Try to read those labels and cut back on those ingredients with high concentrations of sugar, and all that other nasty stuff. Replace your sweets with healthy alternatives like nuts, seeds, dark chocolate, coconut flakes and granola. 

If you run a cafe or restaurant, include healthy alternatives for your customers. This season most of us are watching what we eat and want that healthy alternative. 

If you’re on the lookout for healthy ingredients to distribute, get in touch with us. We offer bulk dry ingredients at a great price and of course, at top quality. We’re a family of bakers, we know just how important quality is when it comes to our recipes! 

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