Trending Vegan Recipes 2023

Trending Vegan Recipes 2023
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Staying ahead of the game in the food industry means offering delicious options for all diets. 

The vegan diet only seems to be growing in numbers over the last few years. It’s incredibly important to make sure you’re offering vegan options on your menu, in your bakery, or when distributing ingredients in the food industry. In this article we’re going to have a look at some of those recipes that are trending on that 2023 menu. 

Avocado Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Who can say no to an avocado grilled cheese? Even those who don’t follow a vegan diet will want to get a bite out of this. It’s simple, easy to make and easy to make well. This sandwich can be crammed with grilled veggies, creamy avocado, crunchy greens and smoked tofu. The trick here is to make sure you pick a vegan cheese that can really melt. 

Vegan Bean Burritos

Another winner in our books is a vegan burrito. Again, this is one for both strict vegans and anyone who wants to eat light and healthy. You’re offering both the protein we all need and love, plus mouthwatering sauces and a delicious combination of vegetables and vegan creams. Makes you want to run out and order a vegan bean burrito right now, doesn’t it?

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When we need to feed a lot of folks, or one hungry fella or gal, we go right to the vegan shepherd's pie. It’s filling, nutritious and exceptionally delicious. Did we mention how filling it is? So many people think that if they’re eating vegan they’ll never get full. We’d like to see anyone who can try a portion of vegan shepherds pie and not drift away in a food coma by the time they’re up to dessert. It’s really that good. 


When a vegan alfredo is done right, it’s seriously hard to tell the difference between its non-vegan sister. Again, another mouth watering and filling meal whose flavors are so creamy and rich, it’s hard to believe it’s not vegan. 

Our family at CNS CONFECTIONERY Products love to try out new recipes both at home and in restaurants. If you’re looking for high quality ingredients at a competitive price for your restaurant, bakery, or cafe, reach out to us. We offer some of the best ingredients for both your sweet and savory recipes. 

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